Dog Blading

Dog blading

Scene seen in Madrid’s Retiro Park
A man roller-blading pulled by two boxer dogs, a leash in each hand.

He must have been a really good skater to keep the leashes untangled. I did see some fancy footwork when one of the dogs ran in front of him, but he didn’t hit the pavement.

Is this a takeoff on the dogs pulling cross country skiers? I have always wanted to try that! Sort of like dog sledding, but with skis instead of the sled. I googled with the word “pulka” and pulled up the new term and sport Skijoring (see Wikipedia ). That page also shows skiers pulled by horses and alas, even motorcycles. Suppose snowmobiles are in there somewhere, too.

OK, it’s the middle of August and not that hot, but I am already thinking of snow. We haven’t had great snow the past years but we can still hope!